We are creating a space of intercultural dialogue in our region
and we already unite representatives from 56 countries of the world!
Our structure
  • Valeria Chachina
  • Ahmed Mohamed
  • Dilrabo Tojikulova
    Deputy for Work with Volunteers
  • Ahmed Waad
    Deputy for Partners

The Association of International Students and Alumni has been operating since 2013 in Chelyabinsk.
This is an association of foreign students, whose main objectives are to help foreign students in adapting, in solving problems and issues related to education, accommodation and leisure time, acquaintance with the characteristics of Russian culture, development of international friendship, assistance in the process of promotion of the Russian language and culture.
At the moment the Association unites more than 1000 people, and its activities include representatives of more than 30 countries and regions, each of which represents the interests of their students. There is also a team of volunteers who provide all kinds of assistance in organizing activities.
Our Events
Chelyabinsk, Lenina avenue, 76, 353
Phone: +7 351 272 30 86

Email: aisa.southural@gmail.com

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